At ZR Consultants we actively ensure that we get involved in as many initiatives to help others and give back to society. A percentage of our profits are donated to charity and we actively participate in managing a number of initiatives as well as mentoring individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.


We only work with charities that have a 100% donation policy and provide complete transparency on costs and deliverables.

Women’s period poverty

› We have recently joined forces with City Retreat, to distribute reusable sanitary ware and educational workshops to women in Kenya.

›We are passionate about the cause as period poverty has devastating impacts on women around the world, particularly in Kenya. We have finally managed to identify a long-term solution to the issues faced by young girls and women from poorer societies.

›We recently held a huge distribution event with a special guest Eliud Kipchoge. He spoke to the children for 45 minutes telling them about self-discipline, making good choices and he also told them to stay in education and whilst they are still minor, for them to avoid two things: Alcohol and Sex.

› You can currently contribute by making a donation at:


Food Packs, Shelters and Hygiene (Covid19) packs for Syrian Refugees

› We are currently raising funds to provide support to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

› Please do find it in your heart to donate towards wither a food pack, hygiene pack or a Shelter

› This year we are providing the following:

  • £50 food packs (5kg Rice, 2kg Pasta, 2.7kg lentils, 4ltr oil, 1kg dry milk, 60 tea bags, 2kg sugar, 0.7kg canned meat and 1kg dates
  • £30 Covid-19 Hygiene packs (4 bars of soap, Shampoo, 4 toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Multi-purpose Cleaner, 6 gloves and 30 face masks)
  • £1,000 Emergency shelter (Complete building, materials and logistics, Floor cementing with electrics wired, Including operational and logistical costs)

› You can currently contribute by making a donation at:

ZR consultants, Fund raiser - Charity

Food Packs for School Children in Africa

› We are actively ensuring that we are providing food packs to areas of the world that are in desperate need.

› To date we have distributed thousands of packs across the world which also include blankets, cooking utensils etc.

› For the last few years we've worked with TEAMS to provide food packs to poor school children in Africa for whom a pack costing between £2 to £3 is a source of food for the whole family for a few days.

› We raised a total (plus Gift Aid) of £9,191.75 in 2019 and have distributed over 10,000 food packs since 2015.

Orphan and Widow sponsorship

› We actively sponsor Orphans to get better educations as well as supporting widows with projects that will help them earn a living.

› We have focussed on projects such as providing sewing machines, bicycles, farming tools so that families can generate an income.

Water Wells & Pumps

› We have actively supported the building of a number of water wells and pumps in countries where water is scarce.

› This has changed the lives of many people, who previously had to walk miles to get clean water.


› We mentor others from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with guidance and advice on how to progress with their career and education.

› We work closely with Migrant Leaders who allocate individuals to us for mentoring.


If you know of any worthy causes or projects that require our assistance, please contact us with your suggestions.


10,000 Solar lanterns distributed to villages in Africa with no electricity.

Over 10,000 food packs distributed to school children in Africa over the last 4 years.