Period Povery Campaign

Our Work with PadMad

Breaking the Cycle: Help End Period Poverty

ZR Consultants (ZRC) have partnered with Madhvi Dalal, founder of PadMad, and Saleem Sheikh at City Retreat (Leicester) to help eradicate Period Poverty, supporting women by providing sustainable sanitary care products and educational workshops in Kenya.

ZRC are extremely passionate about this initiative and have been at the forefront of promoting awareness and raising funds for this very worthy cause for a few years. 

Following our first two fundraisers in November 2022 and April 2023, we successfully delivered over 1,400 PadMad Deluxe Pad Kits, developed by Madhvi to schools across Kenya. This time our goal is to deliver an additional 1,050 to another 7 schools.

The distributions to date have already had a significant impact on students’ attendance at school with the incidence of infections (especially UTIs) coming down, the maintenance costs of the school restrooms reduced because girls are no longer disposing of their soiled pads in the pit latrines. There are also the longer-term social and economic benefits such as:

  • Allowing young women to pursue their education and careers fully.
  • Reducing sexual exploitation and teenage pregnancy.
  • Creating jobs and revenue for women who work in producing the pads.
  • Reducing Environmental waste.

We invite you to take a moment to read more about this cause that we are very passionate about and join us in making a meaningful difference to the lives of countless young women.

Key statistics on the impact of Period Poverty in Kenya:

  • 65% of females in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads – This has led to an estimated one million girls missing school every month. Girls in Kenya will miss approximately four days of school each month or an average of 20% of the school year, because of their monthly period cycle.
  • 10% of fifteen-year-old girls in Kenya turn to prostitution (“Sex for pads”) for access to sanitary pads.
  • Young girls and women use old clothes, paper, cotton, or wool pieces as well as share pads to manage their menstruation, which is extremely dangerous. Research shows that some 12 percent of people living in the slums on the outskirts of Nairobi have HIV, compared to about 5 percent of the general population.

🌟🎬 “Powerful Women” ft Madhvi Dalal (PadMad) 🎬🌟

Madhvi Dalal, founder of PadMad was featured in the documentary “Powerful Women” by Gonzalo Ruiz and Belen Solo Infante. It “portrays the stories of multiple women who ‘are changing the world’ from a context in which they are not recognised” including shedding a light on the extraordinary work PadMad are doing to help eradicate Period Poverty in Kenya. This production won ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Women’s Film’, and ‘Best Female Director’ at the Cannes World Film Festival! You can watch the trailer here: 


April 2023 Update

On 9th March 2023, delivery of 1075 sanitary kits were made available to young girls in the following 11 schools which are in financial difficulty:

  • Witu Secondary School
  • Soroko Primary School
  • Sinambio Primary School
  • Bomani Secondary School
  • Mpeketoni Girls Secondary School
  • Hongwe Secondary School
  • Hindi Secondary School
  • Mokowe Secondary School
  • Wiyoni Secondary School
  • Bright Girls Shella Secondary School

As well as delivering sustainable sanitary packs, the team at PadMad provided educational sessions to the young people at these schools, discussing the stigma around menstruation and educating young people.

November 2022 Update 

Madhvi attended the Global Social Business Summit; you can see her interview here:

The key points to highlight were that by supporting this project you are not only changing women’s lives, but also providing an income for the poor & saving the planet:

  • Access to Sanitary products – 65% of women in Kenya have no access to sanitary products. 500 million women globally cannot afford sanitary products
  • Educational impact – School girls miss 4.9 days a month due to affordability of sanitary products. Equating to quarter of the curriculum in secondary education
  • Environmental Impact – On average women use 11,000 disposable pads. Each pad takes 500-800 years to decompose. A significant waste issue
  • Promoting Change – PadMad & ZR Consultants are working to change this with the three 0’s – Education, Empowerment, & Environment)
  • Improved School Attendance – PadMad & ZR Consultants have distributed thousands of reusable pads. This has resulted in 99.15% of girls going back to school. PadMad’s pro bono program educates by providing advice on menstrual health management. They also run workshops on sexual & reproductive rights for both boys and girls
  • Providing an Income for marginalised women – PadMad’s empowerment initiative has generated an income for women producing the packs. A great example of this is the latest PadMad hub created in a max-security prison in Kenya. This has enabled women in the prison to develop skills whilst generating capital. The initiative has reduced the risk of reoffending & seeks to enhance employability amongst women, such as widows
  • Changed 35,000 lives to date – Since PadMad was founded 4.5 years ago, there has been more than 35,000 individual beneficiaries
  • Significant landfill reduction – Resulting in 45 million disposable pads not going into the landfill of Kenya, great for the environment and has helped lower the increase of landfill