Internal Audit

ZR Consultants can support your organisation by carrying out Indpendent Internal Audit reviews of your processes, projects or any regulatory and compliance areas that you have concerns around.


We have a track record of delivering high quality audits across various industries and all sectors including the public sector and Industry.


We can assist with Business, IT or Regulatory audits with all findings being openly agreed with the business and provide support in challenging, planning and monitoring any remedial activities required as a result of findings made from an Audit.

We can tailor our approach to Internal Audit depending on your organisation, which can include the below:

Terms of Reference

› Defining and agreeing Terms of Reference and Scope of works.

› Agreeing and documenting who the key stakeholders are.

› Agreeing timescales for delivery.

Testing Approach

› Documenting the end to end process, under review.

› Carrying out adequate testing which clearly documents the evidence obtained as well as the sampling strategy adopted.

› Ensuring all testing covers all agreed risk areas.

Final Report

› Agreeing the results with all stakeholders.

› Producing a final report of findings and recommendations as well as management response.

Action Plans and Remediation

› Agreeing action plans that are clear and comprehensive and capture who will deliver what and by when.

› Monitoring and tracking all remediation of deficiencies to resolution.

› Carrying out a re-test once the remedial activity has been embedded and matured to evidence it has addressed the deficiency raised.

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